Thursday, November 8, 2012

sweet and low

This past week has been a mixture of extreme highs and deep valleys. We climbed a mountain and John said he felt like he had just been born. On the way down, as I tried to slow his pace he said, "Mom, I just HAVE to let my feet go so I can fly!" And so I let him. I soul searched and dreamed big dreams- and had a few tantrums for lack of concrete vision. It was high times. Then I tripped over some silly fears and confusion; bad, bad news from all sides; talked myself and everyone around me into knots and finally crumpled up on the rug after losing hours of work. Deep blue lows.

But how sweet it is to find the gems while sitting in the dirt.Tears wipe the mind clean and clear as the 'let go' comes like a wave.

Back to the basics. I think it's time paint again. Maybe I can even fly.


  1. beautiful peek inside your heart. and... who painted this?

  2. I know those waves...let 'em crash over you and honour the cleansing, the refreshing, the erosion beneath you. He is good. I love you so much- my heart is so full for you and all you're for His Kingdom.