Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Almost the end of November and still no 'family website' up and running. Hmmmm, maybe it's because I have to teach Lily how to write a persuasive essay; or it could be that I have to read every book she wants or has to so we can discuss it; or maybe it's because we both stare at her math problems while I desperately try to code switch between geometry and decimals. What is UP with grade 6?? Zoe is still 'big poster project' for almost every subject, and as long as John can glue some Lego to his tinker toys and call it problem solving; it's all good. But the 11 year old? I get to teach her how to argue effectively about why she should get to read (and thus make me read) teen fiction.

But I am so blessed today. It is simple. We are fine, healthy, prosperous and destined for Heaven. My pains are tiny; little gifts of patience and joy come directly in proportion to the trial. It's an attitude of keeping my hands open and my eyes directly on our Hope. Nothing is impossible here.

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