Saturday, October 20, 2012


I will be honest. Fear wants to eat me up and spit me out and then lick up the crumbs and wipe his mouth with the back of his gnarly hand. Almost every day. Some days Rescue Remedy works to sooth some pretty aching morning nerves fueled by nightmares that just reveal what's going on behind the thin curtain. Sometimes I like that cup of coffee I'm not really supposed to have. And sometimes, I just grab the nearest kid and hug them until they can't breath and beg me to stop; and I land half a dozen kisses before they pull away.

Because it's a crazy, messy, bloody planet that we live on; where Love is the victor before we even say yes.

I will stay out here for as long as I can. I will walk and sigh and weep and smile at that girl digging a ditch. I will dream of building that place of refuge on the mountain where I know Jesus walks; where he has called me out to - if I could just get there. I will get blood on my hands and know what sorrow and suffering are and KNOW that I am weak. Love will win again and again; extravagant displays of affection and generosity in a war zone.

Love, back me up.


  1. hugging you from here! i love your writing, i love your're real and it makes me smile because it says what i often feel but also makes me smile because i know another day your heart will be overflowing with joy and laughter and silliness and nothing will feel scary again. that's just the way this journey goes.
    love you!

  2. Love NEVER fails. I'm so glad. Bless you in this journey of unfailing love...your hands, your feet, your heart.

  3. this is beautiful. YES and AGREED