Thursday, September 27, 2012

cyber freak out

Ok, soooo three months since the last post. It's been so long that I almost forgot how to sign in; then I was greeted with a new look to blogger, with none of the buttons in the places they were before.

(Pause for a few drops of rescue remedy).

Seriously, I am between laughing and crying. I have been trying to get a new family website together; I am starting to wonder whether my motivations for making it are to communicate with people back home, or desiring to flash player us up into a hip and happenin' party of five, all current and media-savvy. I have spent the morning sourcing the differences between Wix and Wordpress (what do you mean there is a and a!) on various forums, and I don't understand a word of the conversation. In fact, I think the people on these boards are like a cats batting mice around (me), before they strike a deadly tech-speak blow that has their prey just give up and die to social media claws.

This whole experience leaves some questions hanging in the slightly lighter recesses of what's left of my mind this morning; on my deathbed, will I regret that more people had no idea what I was up to on most days? Or can I just relax, get offline, and go hike the hills and breath deep; experiencing real living instead of just looking great in 2 dimensions?


  1. reminds me of the couple who were married for 80 yrs and just there first picture taken.. THEY hold all their memories dear to them and NO ONE else knows them....makes me think that's gotta be okay not to document everything for everybody all the go for a hike!
    that being said I miss you guys so far away and love to hear how you are doing....but don't worry about hipness...I think you are DA BOMB!

  2. You are awesome my friend :) And a fabulous writer. In a nutshell is free, is not. If you can go with the latter. I use bluehost and wordpress thesis, but I'd try Genesis theme if I had to do it all again. Go to awesome site, great tips! And it's super easy to import posts from here to your new site when you got it up & running, so keep going here! I will if you will :) Keep it simple and keep writing- it is SO good to hear from you! I love you!