Tuesday, November 29, 2011

laying down

What is real sacrifice?

It is being a surrogate of a promise you thought your own. It is letting the Holy Spirit put a desire in you so strong that you fast and weep and pray and worship to break through to that place where you can touch it...

But then, just before you bring it into your arms, He says,

Will you lay it down? Will you put it on the altar?

‘What’? A heart is wrought in two.

There is one I long to know more.

“But you taught me to love this with all of my heart!”

They did not labour for it, they will not thank you for it...

“It is my promise, my vision, my proof of knowing You”

Can you lay it down so I can put in another’s embrace?

"I have birthed this into being, It is part of me!!"

But I will bring them closer to myself through it and be glorified.

Sometimes, I catch a glimpse of the Joy sitting before me. I see Him face to face and see those eyes that ask all of the questions to my heart. Will I truly give up in this life, even what He has cultivated in me, and be left poor in Spirit again? Will I receive blessing and abundance through my adoration only to immediately place it at the Lord's feet? Can a person really go so far into intercession so as to live and yearn, sweat and love, receiving only to sacrifice; saying, "He will provide?" Is this not love?

May I give up even what comes from His hands so that he can have all.
Oh Lord, make me willing!

Bleeding, sometimes bleeding.


  1. I"m so there with you. read my blog sometime too :)

  2. Arms wide open...a heart exposed. You are so precious in His sight.