Tuesday, November 8, 2011

dove's eyes

Ok, soooooo... I can't type fast. This is why I post about once a month. I know I should do something about that but there are so many other fun things to do...like, clean the bathroom.

I understand that most of the posts on this blog are of a personal, 'let me reveal what's going on inside' nature, it doesn't give anyone a real clue as to what's going on around us. So, I have decided to intersperse 'happenings' into the musings...

Kyle recently was gifted with a five day weekend, so we decided to get out of Dodge and go to Lijiang. It is made up of a new city and an old 800 year old town with original stone walkways along watercourses. Truly beautiful and inspirational, it belongs to the Naxi people group who have turned it into a tourist mecca while preserving the 800 year old feel of a mountain town. Think Banff only so much more ancient. The old town is a maze of stone streets, guest houses and shops with a view of the first steppes of the Himalayas.
We had an amazing time. I didn't realize how much I needed the break until we were there and I was thoroughly distracted from my own head. I had been spending so much time looking at the same four walls that my thinking kinda went sideways regarding some matters of my own heart.

I love this country, this people. I want to be turned inside out.

God is changing my mind about so many things. He is so loving and in love; do you know this? That you are the only person in the world for Him? Do you know what accepted in the beloved means? Are His eyes your mirror?

The truth of the mirror of God, is that if you try to look at yourself in it, you will see the sores and corruption; the rags and blood. You will bang on the glass in offense and weeping... or walk away in disgust, the law screaming, "unjust, unholy, unworthy!". Is there another Gospel that's out there? Another mirror? The offense in your heart will lead you straight to it... you will see whatever you want to here; the devil is a crafty wizard.

But, humble yourself under His gaze and look straight into His soul and you will see who you are... in His beloved. The eyes of my heart, are on You forever.

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  1. Oh, to hold that gaze...
    I love hearing your heartbeats. Please keep them coming.