Friday, September 23, 2011

Spiritual Mapping

The wells here are deep,
Full of living water;
Yet thirst prevails.

An enemy has marched in
And covered them over,
Disguised as progress.

Concrete shells now stand
In the place where children
Once peered beyond the veil.

Countless cars weave
Through teeming streets, unaware
Of blood-soaked earth below.

Yet the Spirit hovers,
Waiting and watching,
patient and resolute.

The seed of spent generations
Lies ready to flourish again;
A great harvest awaits.

To walk these streets
Searching for the heart of one;
How to release these springs?

The wells are deep
And the water is pure;
I for one will dig.


  1. I know you will dig...and you will reach those pure refreshing waters that Truly Satisfy. Thanks for sharing with us...miss you!

  2. Great to hear from you!!! we pray God will continue using you there as He did here. Many blessings to all of you. Tootamoo!!!