Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lord of the Landfill

When Jesus hit the earth, it was a landfill of refuse, stink, sin and brokenness. He was born amongst animal waste, grew up in a backwater town and journeyed through burning garbage outside the gates of Jerusalem year after year.

He did prenatals in the landfill. He took the least of us and monitored hidden heartbeats and said "Your fruit is good". He called us blessed and sons of God; inheritors of the earth.

Lord of the landfill.

He walked over sewage and sin and washed our feet, and when He was worshipped, the perfume went up to Heaven overcoming the stench of death in whitewashed tombs full of dead men's bones. Glorified, perfect Son of Man; bitten by fleas and covered with flies; crushing snakes and scorpions under His feet.

He walks the landfill touching and caressing fruit tucked away in His chosen; his hands seeking it out beneath layers of filthy rags. He does not use an instrument to distance himself from us, no; He puts His ear against our unclean bodies, so the sweet rhythms of promise just forming can echo through His entire soul.

I have seen Him walking here, even dancing; full of deep belly laughter as he draws them in. Kind eyes flashing, inviting, beckoning even...

"Will you come and live with Me here?"
"My Love, for that look in Your eyes, I would live here forever."
"Then Come!"
And I step out of the safety of the boat and begin to walk.
And then I unlock my eyes from His gaze and see and smell the circumstances.
And my heart begins to sink.
But He catches me up and stares straight into my soul and says,
"Don't be discouraged; you will walk on water."

I believe it.

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