Friday, March 26, 2010

So I had this dream last night...

A woman and I swam to the edge of Niagara Falls and jumped right off, no hesitation. When we were caught in the undertow at the bottom, she asked me "how do we get out of this?" I said "make yourself float on top of the water and swim really gently". We did this and came to the shore on the American side of the falls to a little cabin, where an old lady came out to greet us. I looked across to the Canadian side of the falls, where we had to get to and noticed we would have to climb a steep rocky path to get up to the embassy at the top. Not too big of a problem, except there was a panther running down the path, aware of our plans. I thought "we can probably fight that one off" when, suddenly, this panther was pursued by a cougar the size of a lion. It overtook the panther and came across the water at incredible speed. We scrambled and took refuge in the old ladies house. As soon as we were inside, we were instantly in the Canadian embassy (which had the appearance of a forest lodge) and being asked for our passports. The woman I was with had hers, but I realized that I had left mine in Kyle's possession for safe keeping. "I've been in China", I said, "Can he fax it to you?"

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