Monday, December 14, 2009

There is too much loveliness in this world that just stops my heart. I am listening to Celtic Christmas music that threatens to throw me into a whimsical nether-region somewhere between Christ's nativity and and a 15th century Irish monastery. I am so beautifully right-brained.

Suddenly, in the background, a fight breaks out between a playmobil dog (John) and playmobil Iris (Lily). Oh, and now there is a horse stomping on the dog (Zoe). I look to the left and notice again that my Christmas lights are stuck on one setting - flash... totally un-whimsy! They didn't start out this way; on Friday night they were perfect - all three strings. I spent a couple hours standing back 10 feet, blurring my eyes, adjusting colour and spacing,another ten feet back, blurring again, and finally - perfection! Then Lily comes around the corner, looks at the tree sleepily and says "there's a whole in the middle", and continues her trip to the bathroom.
#&*%#! I think (and half mumble), she' right! Another half hour of fiddling, blurring etc. and after all of that, they now flash garishly. Oh well, John likes em!

Oh, but the wonderful music is still playing... I think I will indulge in the Hallelujah Chorus next.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE how their personalities are showing up in this video! Glad to see/hear them after such a long time.