Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh dear, it's been a couple of bad days. It may be that there are 3 days until the official start of winter here and it will last a definitive 3 months. I did not weather it (excuse the pun) with a lot of grace last year; in fact, it was the hardest thing I've experienced in my whole life. But then spring came and I forgot all about it, until this past Wednesday when the temperature dropped to -10 with a wind chill of -27. The three little people and I have not left the house for 2 days and I don't see that changing anytime soon, considering that John woke up this morning and vomited all over the place (why around Christmas????? Always at Christmas!!?!!).

Winter won't last forever, and when it is done, there will 8 more beautiful, green, fragrant, warm months of heaven(ish) bliss. Yes, I know that is probably taking it too far, but I am right-brained - remember?

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