Monday, December 5, 2011


I met someone yesterday.

I was sitting by myself, hunched over; my neck hurt and my bones were stiff. Alone again, on purpose and positioning my mind for the onslaught of familiar thoughts hurtling like javelins through the black.

'What if? Why not? How come? What now? I can't do it I can't do it oh why can't I do it? Past regret; future fear.

And then, all in a moment, I turned around and there stood Grace.

I had heard of Him, and often He would leave me invitations to come to tea, but ... I had never made it. Too busy banging my head against the wall and fighting the current.

But He stood there, and I knew. All in a moment, the tumult inside was calmed when Grace came in to live in the heart of my soul.

All in a moment, I fell madly in love with Grace.

And now, Oh, I am so thankful, so very thankful of my every moment... because what do we have but this moment only? It locks us into the gaze of Him eternal and Beloved. Only in this moment can I whisper 'thank-you' for my very present life and breath, and commune in a Holy pause of grace-filled gratitude.

May each moment now be like this.

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  1. Ahh, I am in love with Grace too. (And I love your beautiful nativity art! Your blog is delight to visit... keep writing!)