Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pure Love

I belong to a group of people that I love deeply. I have seen the face of Jesus and heard His voice through them and I am so humbled by their love - His love in them. Each one has given me of their gift that keeps them living for Him; so willingly and freely. I am undone.

I mean what I say - I am completely and unzipped by these people. Their release of God's loving kindness has overwhelmed my soul and led me into deep repentance of all of my selfish ways. I have seen so clearly the ways of The Lord in them that I must now pour out my life to give all that I have for His glory. Such enormous blessing washes over me in waves and all I can do is stand with empty hands and weeping 'Lord, have all of my heart...I don't have anything else for you'.

I want this company of people to know that in freely giving the best of what they had, they have released Heaven to bless them 100 fold, in the very gifts they gave away. They have increased my passion for Jesus, which I long to sow back into their hearts.


  1. He loves us,
    oh how He loves us...
    and I love you!

  2. I think it is indeed true that your passion is contagious though I didn't believe it when I prayed for it.... I hope I'm fully part of what you describe here... I love and appreciate you my friend.