Sunday, February 27, 2011


This morning I had the privilege of getting together with a few others for a worship and prayer session. Man, it was glorious! With about twenty minutes left in the hour and a half that we usually carve out for ourselves, I began to feel a press on my heart; not a heaviness, but more of a tugging. As the minutes and melodies slipped by, the tugging gave way to a grip of intensity accompanied by a gentle whisper "Will you stay longer? Can I have more of your time?"

The Lord is pleased with our sacrifice of worship, but He is not content. He is consumed with passion and zeal for His Bride and will not break His gaze for a moment. We watch the clock and consider our time enough for now, citing responsibilities and errands; and leave Him searching to and fro across the earth for love.

There are 168 hour in a week. Even if I spent 50hrs a week working (for me that means homeschooling, errands and meals) and 56 hours sleeping; that leaves 62 more hours for the Lord. Ok, take off 2 more hours each day for meal fellowship with the family...that leaves 48 hours. Even if I spend half of those doing whatever I want (hangin', creating, building Lego towers and mud pies), I still have 24 hours to spend passionately at the feet of Jesus. That's about 3-4 hours a day. How much do we truly desire to be transformed?

"Do you have a little more time for Me?" ....Yes, apparently I do.

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  1. Yes..
    I've had an awesome week as I've found more time in the mornings for Him. And like you, it just makes me want more...