Thursday, February 3, 2011

What do you see?

There is a king in a green and yellow chariot and
his horses pound noisily on the street so
he has to sing at the top of his lungs to hear himself
make wonderful music.

A treasure hunter scours the ground and
spots a rainbow chalice dropped
by who? and why? and when?
a thousand story threads weave in and out
Should I keep it?

A dancer twirls and twirls and
minutes go by
exotic emerald fabric from far away places whirls
for the tree that claps it's hands in delight and
she collapses in giggles as the stage continues to spin.

Giants with long grey faces shuffling
like walking statues with
cages around there heads enslaved by
palm robots.
Too mute to sing
Too blind to seek
Too heavy to dance
believing they're free.


A little boy in a wagon making noise

a child picking up a dirty chipped cup meant for garbage

a girl in a green raggedy scarf just making herself dizzy

parents engrossed in their PDA's; sitting on cold benches and counting the minutes

We went to the park today. I saw it from both sides - and then I got on a swing...

1 comment:

  1. love this...we all need to swing more so we have eyes to really see...