Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There is a man sitting in a 'blue truck'
by the side of the road
I see his weathered face in the side view mirror
as I pass by
He is smoking a cigarette.

I will miss you, my heart says

The ground is brown and dusty
small steps going up the mountain
toy people rake the ground
willing food from nothing
and wear bright colours on their heads
I am down below.

I will miss you, my heart says

Their fruit is always good
weighing and counting
an endless supply of tissue thin plastic bags
and toothy grins
always something extra for the children
'san ge?? san ge??' yes, three of them
thumbs up.

I will miss you, my heart says

A tall red headed girl with a sweet smile
speaking Chinese with a country accent
more here than there
bridging two worlds
playing guitar, raising the dead.

I will miss you.

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  1. No doubt that there is much that you will miss but my heart says a reunion is not that far off..... Former Ruckus Sitter <>{