Friday, October 30, 2009

They other day I was watching Lily, and her whole life started to flash before my eyes. I saw the day when she would leave us to seize the world in all of it's glory on her own - and I was sad. What does it do to parents when their kids grow up and leave them? I have yet to find out, but it causes me to think of my own mom and dad. We are very far away. We have torn ourselves out of the day to day life of family, that yes, gets a little familiar, but also makes life worth living.

Do we seem selfish? When I think about pouring into my kids for 25 years, only to wave goodbye for months at a time, I might wrestle with their motives too. Throw in a few grand kids that I don't get to watch grow up, and I might use that word.

I have to believe that God has a plan. I have to believe that we are out here for a reason that matters to the fabric of eternity, and that everyone that we have left behind plays a vital role. Because I can't stand being away for less than that. I honestly believe that what we do here on earth populates Heaven, and that our lives are too short to have regrets.

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