Monday, September 7, 2009

Tomorrow, Lily will be eight years old. I have spent a whole year in this new book that is our life now, so I hope that I have learned some lessons. I had this dream last night where I was trying to get home in China with a wallet full of Canadian currency (useless) and only 2 kuai (about 35 cents). The only thing I could do was take the bus, but I couldn't ask anyone which one to get on because I didn't learn Chinese last year. I think the dream makes an honest dig at my situation.

I am not going to pout about the climate this year, and I am not going to be scared of manholes. I'm not going to feel guilty about having a housekeeper and I will learn to barter. I will speak the language and eat meat off a stick in the street. Maybe we will all even take a train somewhere. I will learn what "blue guy", "chicken lady" and "Nazareth" 's real names are. I will have fun with all of this...

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  1. Wow I know almost exactly how you feel! I hope you have an amazing time and let the uncomfortable times drive you deeper into God's love for you and the comfortable times bring you to new levels of praise and joy in Him. Be blessed!