Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am cold again. Yes, the weather is warmer and there is significantly less north wind, but it they have turned off our heat. I guess we are supposed to somehow store the daily sunbeams to use in the evening. It is seriously no warmer in my house than it is outside and that is a balmy plus 9. This is the longest winter-ish season I have had since I left the frozen prairie 15 years ago. It is a small comfort though that the Island is still frozen as well. Even as I sit here typing I am pausing to blow on my hands. Enough about that.

I went back to the Dalian Children's Welfare Institute today with Hannah (it's our third time going) and we were met with quite a different agenda. it seems that their is some kind of flu-epidemic in Dalian right now so they wouldn't let us in to play with the wee babes. I had to look at my girl through the window; she looked peaceful enough, but way less cheerful than when I get to hold her. We were led up to the fourth floor at to a small classroom with miniature chairs and desks, occupied by about 8 toddler-preschoolers. They were so quiet! The care worker singled out two of them and led us to a rec room down the hall to "play" with them. There were no toys or games anywhere, so we had to improvise. The little boy, who I found out was 2 (no wonder he liked me) was content to go through the contents of our bags, giving all of Hannah's belongings to me in exchange for my cell phone. The little girl (about 4) found Hannah's lip balm and hand cream, and then proceeded to makeover herself, and then moved on to Hannah. Next time we will bring tonnes of fun stuff for them, although, maybe we are missing the point...they didn't get bored!

When their care worker told them it was time for a snack, my little boy grabbed my finger tightly and led me down the hall back to his classroom. He tried to pull me through the door, but our time was up. I gently pried his fingers from mine and told him I would come back. He wailed pitifully and tried to follow me. "sniff". They are under my skin now; there is no turning back.

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