Friday, November 7, 2008

Ok, I have to be honest... I LOVE China- but I am soooooo "homesick" right now. I am homesick for certain attitudes that I am allowed to have and that are even celebrated back in Canada. Like "poor me, I have three kids and so much to do and I homeschool and I have to cook three meals a day and blah blah wah wah wah"... I would really like to have a pity party and skype my mom and make her feel like she has to send us all plane tickets right now. Here, there is no one to complain to; and all I have to do is walk out the door to get an attitude adjustment; to see migrant workers labouring for peanuts in order to send money back home to their aging parents and children that they see twice a year. And I will do that in about 15 minutes, but right now, I want to miss my woodstove, and kettle chips, and family holidays, and LoJ, and grandma's house, and yellowtail shiraz...... ok, I'm done.

The weather here in November has been beautiful... sunny, 15+ above! We are loving the change from the rain that usually falls on the island this time of year. And for everyone who thinks China is so polluted and environmentally unfriendly, they don't allow their citizens to turn on the heat until mid-November... and shut it down in April- how many of you do that, even on the West Coast?????? Kyle is starting to visit the Chinese church in town here and is making noise about getting a motorcycle to explore the countryside and get to know the locals. The girls are in an art class with a Chinese teacher and she thinks they are really talented. From what I could make out about what she was saying to me last class was that she thinks Lily and Zoe should try painting with ink.

Other than that... not much new or quirky is happening. We are looking forward to Auntie Gayle coming in December for some pre-Christmas cheer and then Nana and Gramps coming in January.

Just an extra note... Trysta is having a bit of a time being 6 monts pregnant with broncchial pneumonia and a sick toddler. I'm sure if anyone feels inclined to make her kids some cookies or make Bud some supper it would be greatly appreciated. And of course, lots of prayer! - Kelley

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