Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well, we left 4 weeks ago today... really? 4 weeks? Life is really short. I don't know if I have anything funny to write about today. It's sooooo hot and humid that my clothes are just sticking to me and the kids are wilting. My ears also hurt for some reason. My new friend Hannah (who has lived here for 4 years) said that people can have different reactions to the abundance of mold here. Hmmmmmm, I haven't seen any mold. That's because when everyone is gone for the summer, they replaster the apartment walls where it's a problem, she tells me. Oh great. It is nice to know that my feelings of general "un-well" being and mood swings may not be my fault... I'm just slowly ingesting mold spores instead.

I am excited that it is Tuesday... Eddie The Bread Guy comes today with his bread truck from Kaifaqu. He owned a restaurant for a few years in the States and has come back to China to fill a niche for the ex-pats. He makes rye bread, bagels, cinnamon buns (Lily says Hoo-ray!) and chocolate chip cookies.

Kyle and I are a little freaked about how quickly time passes when you are busy and trying to stay on top of work. Like always, we have come to the conclusion that more time and less money is way better. What can you do with all the money when life is just passing you by? It all burns up on the threshhold of eternity anyway. We are supposed to redeem the time that we are given, storing up riches in a place that's more real than this persistant stubborn illusion of financial gain and security. No amount of money can make up for time.

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