Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting Around

Well, Papa has arrived from Canada and the kids are soooo happy to see a familiar face. We are very happy to have an extra hand while crossing the street. The "crosswalk" that goes across the major road in front of the school is merely a suggestion. Cars do not stop for pedestrians. We went to the market today and picked up some excellent fruit and veggies. There is NO comparison when it comes to taste and size. The watermelon actually has seeds in it and tastes like it did when I was a kid. It turns out that everything was bigger and tastier when we were children and has just deteriorated over the years. We are getting seriously ripped off in Canada.

One of our purchases today was a toilet plunger (one of those "just in case" buys) which John immediately adopted as his new best friend. I thought people stared at us before! I would have given my right arm to know how to say "don't worry, it's new" in Chinese. We went out for dinner and he wouldn't put the thing down. He wandered around waving it over his head; at one point just missing dipping it in a customers plate. I just laughed and let him go. They are going to stare at us anyway. Especially when we drink our 600ml beers out of the bottle instead of out of shot glasses with greasy fingerprints.

October break begins today, the holiday commemorates China "becoming a nation" in 1949 (I guess they weren't a country before?????) so Kyle gets a week off. We will finally be able to see some of Dalian and do some shopping.

The highlight of my week was being able to talk to my neighbor about the love of God and lay out the Gospel as a unifying force, not one of division. It was awesome. - Kelley

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